A Thank You Letter for a Stranger

by toushae

Dear stranger from afar,

Today was one of those days where I let my stress affect both my mood and attitude. I stayed late after work to try to get as much done as I could. As I left the building to make my way to the bus stop, I noticed you dressed nicely sitting at a near by bench. I also noticed your heavy stares.

Previously annoyed and frustrated, I clenched my jaw and tried to ignore you as I walked by… but you still stared. I looked over and attempted to make eye contact with you, to let you know that I KNEW you were staring at me. Our eyes didn’t meet when I attempted to acknowledge you. Instead, I noticed you focusing on my pants and shoes (well so I thought). Selfishly, I thought, “ugh, maybe she just likes my outfit..”

As I walked away, we did eventually make startled eye contact. You shifted a little when you noticed I had been watching you stare at me. I faked a smile and carried myself onward to the bus stop.

Now it was my turn to stare at you. I admired your hair and outfit from a far. You were so put together. As I was still bothered by your stares, my mind began to ponder if I looked okay or if I had something on me. As I began to turn away and try to ignore what just happened, I noticed a nice car pull up. It was your ride.

As I saw you stand up, I gasped. I became teary eyed and my throat began to tighten.

Through blurry eyes, as I watched you stand, I understood what you were staring at.

When you stood up at the car’s arrival, both of your feet turned drastically inward. With an extreme limp, you slowly made you way to the car.

As you struggled to get yourself in the front seat, I let the tears fall. You weren’t staring at my outfit, judging me. You were staring at my two normal legs.

I know God put you in my path this evening. I needed to run into you to be reminded that although today was rough, it was a temporary mood, not a permanent life-altering thing.

I know I will probably never see you again, but this is the best way I can think of saying thanks, in hoping maybe one day, you will see it. You have no idea how much you changed my attitude this evening.

I wish I could go back, sit down and have a long conversation together. Not about your situation or struggles, but just a normal, entertaining conversation. At the end of it, I’d thank you. I’d tell you how beautiful I thought you were as I admired you from afar.

And I’d tell you that tonight, as I lay down to fall asleep, I’ll be saying a prayer for you, your circumstances, and a healthy future ahead.

Thank you for being you.