Life Changes

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People ask me all the time if I regret my decision to move to Ann Arbor considering my circumstances changed that originally brought me here. My jerk reaction has frequently been no. I didn’t want to regret moving here, so I always answered no, not knowing whether or not it was true.

But the more people have questioned my decision, the more I’ve sincerely thought about it: Do I regret moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan for a relationship that didn’t work out?

Peeling back my sometimes overly positive and optimistic layers, to my surprise the answer is still no. And it’s for three very big reasons.

When I really started to reflect on it I thought: how could I ever regret moving for something that I once wanted so bad? Moving here and starting a life with my long-term boyfriend was something my 18-year-old self dreamt about for five long years. I deserved that year living with him. Our relationship did. And now having done it, I will never, ever look back and wonder “what if?”. I know in my heart we gave it our all and that year was the final chapter to a very tumultuous story line.

The second thing that makes me not regret my decision an ounce is the the happiness I have felt from the friendships I have made. I started to think about all the beautiful and loving people I wouldn’t have met had I not moved here. I mean I found people who barely knew me and were willing to lend me both their hands to help and ears to listen (and usually always brought a bottle of wine). I have found a handful a people of I consider soul sisters and I know that is rare. From my co-workers to the girlfriends that have stumbled (drunken pun intended, Nagini) their way into my life the past year — they have all been a huge blessing from God. Thinking of never having met them is reason enough for me NOT to regret ending up in Ann Arbor.

And finally, I have come to peace with my decision to move here because I know I am right where God wants me. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my 23 years, it’s that like so many other time periods in my life (college, my summer in Phoenix, high school, etc.), I am going to look back and miss this one too. And that thought makes me love this place and these moments so much.

I have an immense amount of faith in God’s plan for my life and I have no time for regret or looking backwards.. after all, I’m not going that way.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, I love you so freaking much (even if I do complain about you and your weather 90% of the time).