100-Year-Old High School Graduate

November is a time to give thanks and often, we spend this month focused on our personal blessings… But have you ever thought about being thankful for things other people do that have no direct effect on your life?

This November and Thanksgiving I am most thankful for a 100-year-old woman who I’ve never met — Frances Elliott. 

Mrs. Elliott did the unthinkable. At 100-years-old, she went back and got her high school diploma.

While a senior in high school, Mrs. Elliott had to put her education on hold because of the Great Depression. Her family depended on her to be the provider and with a broken-heart, she left school to work as a telephone operator.

Mrs. Elliott was unable to earn her high school diploma… well until 84-years-later.

Her inspiration? Her great and great, great grandchildren. By going back and getting her diploma, she wanted to prove to her grandchildren the importance of education and that if she could do it, they could too. She also wanted to prove that it is never too late, whatever it may be… it is never too late.

I know Mrs. Elliott set out to inspire her grandchildren, but she has inspired so many others — including myself.

I am incredibly grateful for Frances Elliott helping restore hope in humanity. She is a reminder to society that our dreams are just on the other side of our fears.

This Thanksgiving I challenge you to give thanks to someone who has impacted your life in an indirect way.

Sending my love and warm holiday wishes to Mrs. Elliott and her family.