Move Wellness Ann Arbor


Recently, I had the honor to be asked to take some classes at Move Wellness and share my experience.

Any 20-something understands that trying out a new gym or studio is never an easy feat. For me personally, I get a little jittery about finding my new spot, what the instructor will be like, and what my body is in for. But at Move, I felt right at home.

The first class I took at Move Wellness was a barre class. I arrived a few minutes late and had to rush into the class. My instructor was super understanding and made a spot at the barre for me, bringing me my equipment and welcoming me into the class. As I got settled, I began to take in my surroundings. Wow! The studio is absolutely beautiful. My favorite is the large windows that allow for the room to be overcome by natural light. It makes for a great atmosphere.

Overall, I would give the Total Barre class a 8/10. It was great. The instructor was fantastic, the class was small, and she came around to correct posture, moves, etc.

The second class I took was a Shred 60 class and holy sweat, man. I loved this one. It was 60 minutes of cardio and getting that heart rate up! We also did some strength training with the TRX. I will tell you, this class was not easy. The entire time my mind was quitting, but the instructor pushed us on and kept reminding us that we can do anything. It was just what I needed on a Wednesday night.

Overall, I would give the Shred 60 class a 9/10. It was a fantastic calorie burner!

The atmosphere, staff, cleanliness, and equipment get a 10/10. From instructors to the juice bar, everything there is perfect!

If you’re in the Ann Arbor area I encourage you to check them out. They offer yoga, total barre, pilates, gyrotonic, bootcamp, yoga, massage, wellness coaching, and shred. And best of all, the first class is free. 😉 Learn more here:

Now go Move.