Month: January, 2013

Looking for an internship? How about one that pays?

72796_3195217691221_1596870316_nIt is so no secret that I absolutely love the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This past summer I landed my dream internship, moved from West Virginia to Phoenix, Arizona and got paid to do communications for my favorite non-profit organization!

Going into this opportunity, I was terrified I would have a new outlook on the organization after working at the corporate level..Well, interning at the National Office didn’t let me down. It blew away all expectations. From the start, everyone was so welcoming. Myself and the other interns were greeted the with Make-A-Wish folders, pens, name tags, etc. We were served breakfast and met the CEO in the first hour.. I was a little shocked. When I thought about an internship at this level, I feared standing over a copier all day. Heh, was I wrong! You even get your own desk.. I know right? When you intern at Make-A-Wish America, you are treated as part of the staff. You’re included in meetings and invited to add your input quite often. I was never hushed over an idea, instead I was encouraged to contribute as much as I possibly could. Aside from that, I got to work with what I consider some of the most talented people in the industry. My experience was completely hands on. I did a ton of writing, promoting and got to help plan a wish event that happened in the office. My favorite project from the summer was getting to help create and compile information on the 52 wish kids attending the Olympic Games in London that was used to pitch to NBC media affiliates. What I gained from my internship experience is greater than anything I have learned in my four years within the walls of any classroom.

Not to mention, I have made life-long friends with the other interns. I connected with people from all over the country who I still keep in contact with.. almost daily! Together, we enjoyed the summer in Arizona dining, swimming, hiking, shopping and even made a weekend road trip to California.

Here we are in Beverly Hills :)

Here we are in Beverly Hills 🙂

I went in with idea that I wouldn’t get the chance to help out too much and ended up leaving with a loaded portfolio. I could go on and on.. and if you are a friend or family, you know I typically do go on and on about it.. Note, I interviewed with the Boston Bruins and MTV for internship experiences.. I can almost guarantee, I would not have near the experience if I would have taken an opportunity there (not to diss them)..

If I could do last summer all over again, I would.. in a heartbeat.

If you’re searching for an internship opportunity.. that pays with money and experience, I recommend Make-A-Wish America. Apply here.

Good Luck!



Do your social media sites mirror your true self?

shae and chel

It is a complicated to try and comprehend what is permissible vs what is unacceptable on social media. In the age of trying find a career in a cold, jobless economy just how much is too much on social media? By untagging that photo of ourselves holding that red solo cup, are we hiding ourselves from employers and creating an image of what we want to be/what we are suppose to be in society’s eyes? Are we just causing more problems for ourselves later when the rust of imperfection starts to appear on the edges of our silver personalities? What employer actually believes that the 20-something they are about to hire never had a little too much at that tailgate? Is about proving we can be professional or is that we are putting on a mask? Or is it moreso about showing that we have had our fun and matured? Of course I understand that this should be applied the context of the situation and the personality of the person. It is easy for me, as someone who isn’t the biggest partier and rarely has to untag photos, to ask these kind of questions.

I don’t have the answer and of course no one really does, but if I can rationalize one thing about social media, it’s this:

For my generation, social media has been an outlet to help us express and identify ourselves leaving behind a cyber footprint. Ultimately, it satisfies what any human sets out to do; to leave something behind. Our legacy may be full of shameful photos on a Friday night, vulgar language and sexual innuendos but it is also alive with memories of love, travel, success, happiness and who we were at a certain moment in time. Social media has marked a turning point in society, in which my generation has given true perception to the 20s and ultimately life, dissolving the sugar-coated definition of who we ought to be and embracing the fact that “we all are a little mad here”, uniting us in the idea that crazy isn’t as unique as previous generations have proclaimed..

This blog post was provoked by an assignment of my social media class. I’m interested to see how my opinion changes as the course progresses.


25 Things About Me

It’s a generic blog post, but I’m doing it mainly for something to look back at this time next year and see what has changed.

25 things about me


  1. It’s not secret I’m a perfectionist. But, my need for precision is rooted in my mild diagnosis of OCD. No, I don’t daily tasks in a repetitive sense. Instead, it all happens intricately in my head. I obsess over things that worry me.. to the point that I was finally put on medication last fall. No, it isn’t life-altering, but it is something I work daily to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.
  2. I absolutely cannot stand when someone dislikes me for extremely petty reasons, such as, something I put up on social media.
  3. White Zinfandel quenches my thirst.
  4. I have 8 little cousins that I would drop everything for… in a heartbeat.
  5. I guess I am a self-diagnosed coffee/tea addict.
  6. It’s taken me a while to get the small amount of confidence I do have in myself.
  7. Old people melt my heart.
  8. I love the Make-A-Wish® Foundation. But that’s no secret.
  9. I have never drunk an energy drink.
  10. I have never smoked anything.
  11. WVU was the only college I applied to. (Sorry Mom, I know you thought I filled out that Fairmont State application, but I never did.. Oops.)
  12. I suck at math. Okay not really… I’m pretty decent, but I HATE it.
  13. Flying makes me really nervous. Yes, I’m afraid of crashing and dying. No, don’t feed me that “If it’s your time” bullcrap. I can think of a lot better ways to die.
  14. Number thirteen leads me to this one. I am terrified of the thought of death. I cannot come to terms with it. Maybe it’s my age?
  15. I am an advocate for an Apple a day…. An Apple product that is 😉
  16. I am obsessed with inspirational stories. My dream job would be to write and share them with the world (i.e. the stories featured on College Game Day, The Today Show, Ellen, etc..)
  17. I’m frightened of life after college. Going from having everything planned out for four years to not knowing is scary…but exciting I suppose.
  18. Ice cream is my favorite indulgence.
  19. I hate LSU.. mostly because I don’t like Les Miles for some reason.
  20. Bill Snyder, Kansas State’s Head Coach is my Uncle! (Not really, but let’s pretend because I love him and college sports).
  21. John Wooden is absolutely, 100 percent my role model, followed by Jimmy V and Randy Pausch.  Watch this video of the Wizard of Westwood, you’ll understand my love.
  22. Sushi and Bubble Tea make up my favorite meal.
  23. I make a to-do list for every day.
  24. My papaw was adopted. So technically, there are some missing family roots I hope to research soon.
  25. I’m moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan in 5 months. GAH!

2013: A year for going some place that doesn’t need password protected


I’m sure my New Year Resolution is in no way unique. I guarantee thousands of 20-somethings vowed to check-out virtually and check back in to reality. But, as I rang in 2013 in Tampa, FL, with my toes in the sand, I realized how little time had spent the weekend away on my phone. Why? My new T3i Cannon Rebel. I wasn’t constantly picking my phone up to snap a photo and share it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Instead, I snapped photographs and put them away for myself. Initially, I felt the urge to share and became slightly frustrated that I couldn’t upload and post them right away. But then I realized how much more the photos were suppose to be for me, not for others. Sure, I did upload them later after I was home… But at that moment, I realized I wasn’t caught up with snapping the photo then being distracted by what filter to choose. Rather, I took the picture with my Cannon and reverted my attention back to the moment I was in, capturing both the essence in a photograph and a memory. As the weekend went on, I found myself leaving my phone places and not even realizing it. I didn’t need it. I don’t need it.

2013 is about going into a place that doesn’t need password protected. 2012 was fantastic, it was self-fulfilling and one of the greatest years of my life. But, 2013 should be double the adventure captured via memory rather than social media for me.

Of course my year is full of other resolutions, but this is my main focus.

Here’s to a year of feeling electric without being plugged in, a year for not basing my life on Yelp Reviews and instead forming my own opinions, and a year for trying to answer my own questions, sorry Google..