13 Things You Can’t Forget to Take to College!

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Tomorrow is move-in day for WVU’s newest freshmen class and with the help of two other former RAs (Ty & Lauren), I have put together a list of things you absolutely can’t forget to pack for your dorm room. Trust us, after moving in and out of the dorms multiple times, we’ve got the whole “living in a tiny space with no AC” thing down. Of course there’s the obvious list: toiletries, notebooks, pillows, and all those electronics you’d never leave home without but, but we wanted to bring you a list of the things you’d probably forget! Here’s what we say you shouldn’t leave home without as you take on college!

1. A fan — maybe even 2 fans!

So many dorms don’t have AC and that late August humidity is no joke in West Virginia and we had so many residents show up without fans. Don’t forget this one!!

2. Designated SHOWER SHOES

The caps are to reiterate…no scream the importance. Ew. I repeat shower shoes.

3.  A power strip

Extension cords are a big no, no in the dorm world. But, power strips are fair game!

4. An emergency clothing kit

This includes needle and thread, safety pins, lint roller, stain remover pen, and a few extra buttons.

5. Dish soap

You’re going to want to wash those dishes you use for your late night snacking! 😉

6.  Door stopper

It’s Friday night and your still shy about going out (that’ll change soon). You decided to stay in and your roommate is MIA. You’re feeling a little homesick and lonely but don’t want to pitch a tent in the hallway. A door stopper is a great way for you to be able to keep your door open and make some new friends! 🙂

7.  Water bottle

After thirsty Thursday your going to feel EXTRA thirsty on Friday morning. Okay, so water is for more than rehydration after a night out so in all seriousness, having a water bottle you can throw in your bag is awesome! You’ll be more likely to grab that instead of vending machine sodas!

8. Umbrella and rain boots

You will come to hate the rain in college for two reasons: one it makes skipping class even more enticing and two, classes are never cancelled for rain. So yay for getting soaked on your way to class! Having a good pair of rain boots and umbrella will make the rain a little less dreadful.

9. Coins for laundry

Ramsack your house, car, and couches for change to do laundry before you leave home! Most washer and dryers take cards now, but take advantage of all that change laying around at home before you dip into your bank account! Seriously $1.25 a load for wash and $1.25 for dry gets expensive.. QUICK.

10.  Pack things that create storage

Pack in storage containers that can slide under your bed or a small shelving unit that can fit in a corner, it’s important to maximize your space because well …you don’t have much!

11. A printer

It seems like a no brainer, but the number of times we had residents knock on our door for printing is an insane amount. Look, school is stressful and the last thing you want to worry about is finishing an assignment or needing a sheet of notes for class and not being able to get to them! Yes there will be printers in the library, and in the student union, but hello? What if you finish a paper at 3 AM or forget to print it entirely?  Yes, other people in your dorm will have printers, but what if they start charging you for ink or aren’t home when you need it printed?

Take away the added stress of worrying about printing and bring your own! We get it, printers are expensive but they last a long time and it’s worth it for the convenience! Plus, who doesn’t love some self-reliance? 😉

12. Garbage Bags

This seems so silly or even obvious, but your dorm room does not come with garbage bags. Be sure and bring some small ones that will fit the size of your tiny can!

13.  An open mind

Look, we are going to be honest. You’re going to be living in close quarters with someone for the next year. Go in with an open mind. They will inevitably get on your nerves and you will get on theirs, but it’s not the end of the world. Go in with an open mind and patience. Learn something new about yourself based on your roommates interests. And most importantly, have fun!

Love former Boreman’s former RA’s,

Shae, Ty, and Lauren

Shout out to Ty & Lauren for their contribution to my blog post! Be sure and follow them both on their post grad journeys!