Month: May, 2013

Almost Heaven, West Virginia

ImageIt is so hard to grasp that my time as a Mountaineer has come to an end. Even a week after graduation, part of me still believes I will be headed back there in the fall. It is heart breaking when I really think about it. There is no other photo that better sums up my time at WVU than the one above. The image captures my happiness from doing what I love and the quote makes the connection with Make-A-Wish. I couldn’t be happier with how my graduation weekend and party went. It was surreal, but it was a blast. There are so many thank yous that need to be said. I could not have had the greatest four years to date without the generosity from my friends, family, and my Christian family as well. So thank you to each of you. I am blessed beyond words. Below are some photos from my weekend.

Once a Mountaineer, Always a Mountaineer.


Limitless: without end, limit, or boundary. 


I am not sure there is any word that can rightfully describe my college years. It has been an experience that should not be confined to words. But, if there is any word that holds an ounce of descriptive value, it is limitless.  It is what I want my life to continue to be, what I am terrified of losing, and what West Virginia University gave me.

The past four years have been the opposite of finite. Our dreams were never short of reality in this place. Each of us carried one here from miles around the world, planted solid roots for them in the dorms, watered them with new friends, fed them with achievement, and most of us watched our dreams blossom into reality.

West Virginia University taught us the importance of maintaining purpose in life. A lot of people fear feeling alone post graduation. Although I understand that fear, being alone is  not what I am most afraid of. My nightmare is losing a purpose.

For some, the future and the next move is opaque. I congratulate and envy each of you. For the rest of us, our next chapter has yet to be titled. It is here, in the moment of uncertainty, people often compromise their dreams for short-term utility. They take jobs they do not really want, move to places they do not want to go, and before they know it, the dreams they worked so hard towards in college have vanished.

I believe the dreams each of us have created at West Virginia University are not meant to be diluted by the self-doubt that accompanies post graduation.

And so West Virginia University Class of 2013, let’s vow to keep chasing our dreams after May 18. Let’s promise to not  lose our purpose. We will take this untitled chapter and write it ourselves. Do not wait on someone to title it for you. Take time for yourself, travel the world, take some risks, be curious, prove your worth, and most importantly show your Mountaineer pride in all you do.

These past four years have been unbelievable. We came, we saw, we conquered in true Mountaineer fashion. We are ready for you real-world.

Once a Mountaineer, Always a Mountaineer.

And now for some freshman to senior year comparisons!

 7831_1100573926436_5997103_n 935530_4610648676111_17718820_n

   Some things never change.. Always throwin’ the peace sign.

 6253_1087367276278_363347_n 305952_4526835500834_1906593458_n (1)

First day of classes as a freshman.. One of my last days as a senior.

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And finally… freshman to senior year head shots.




My submission for the Urban Forest Project coming to Morgantown!




My design for the play Facetime, coming to MT Pockets Theatre here in Morgantown!