Narrow Minds, Narrow Life.


If you look at the picture above, you may begin to question why I didn’t at least crop the family to the left out. Let me explain.. 

This weekend I met Lake Michigan. At the specific spot I visited, the lake had a small pier with a red lighthouse as pictured above… As I walked towards the light house with camera in hand, I began to zoom in directly on the light house, directing all my energy on it. I snapped picture after picture zoomed in. Finally, wanting another angle, I zoomed the camera out. What I saw is pictured above. 

It does not seem like much I suppose, but for me, as I stood gazing through my lens, I gasped at the beauty of the bigger picture. Most would consider the family in the bottom left corner “in the way”. But what I saw was two happy siblings embracing their Saturday and a mom trying to capture their excitement. As I moved my attention to the two little girls playing in the water, I realized the character they added to the photo. I noticed a mom holding her child taking in a moment she will probably never forget. And then, I noticed two friends, bottoms in the sand, chatting away, and soaking up their relaxing Saturday. I snapped the photo quickly. I compared it to the other pictures I had taken zoomed in on the light house. There were no people, no boats. Just the light house. What character those photos lacked. It kind of caused me to ponder how important the bigger picture of life really is. If you focus in on one specific thing, you can miss out on the bigger picture or the true moment that you are living in. And while I think it is important to focus on specific aspects of life, it is so important to adjust your lens and zoom out every once in a while to appreciate your surroundings..

This was rather moving for me. It is no secret that I have been extremely focused on the job hunt lately. I have failed to take in the bigger picture. I have been far too narrow minded. And thus, it is time for me to adjust my own lens and be more appreciative of this current state and this beautiful, new place. 

Wishing each of you a week full of noticeable blessings from your bigger picture of life.