Month: March, 2013

Wedding Fun!


Inspired from this weekend, I want to share the words of John Wooden.

Wooden was known for his love both on and off the court.. He

represented what true love is. When his wife passed away on March 21, 1985,

he wrote a love letter to her every 21st of each month. These love letters

remained unopened until his passing. When asked how Wooden remained so

faithful, his advice on making a marriage work was:

“Truly, truly, love. It’s the most powerful thing there is. Love has to be 

true. It must be true. It keeps things balanced and in perspective.”

Wishing Brea and Donny this kind of love each and every day. Best wishes.

& Some more photos from the weekend (:



Graphic Designs



Some background info: This was a self-identity project, expressing our interests/personality through a paragraph and design.




Some background info: This is my submission for the Urban Forrest Tree Project. Basically you create a banner about trees and preserving them. I don’t know if anyone has heard the saying: Leaves of three, let it be in relation to poison ivy, but that’s what I was going for here… replacing three with tree. Let It Be is almost always associated with The Beatles so hence the play on The Beatles album cover, replacing the green apple with a green leaf an using similar fonts. 

Don’t be too critical. This is my first time at this and I kind of love it. 

Who run the world? Moms..


For 22 years, this lovely lady has been my backbone. I could go on and on about how fantastic of a woman she is. But something I really want to take a second and thank my mom for is her support. Sometimes parents don’t always understand and doubt their children’s ambitions… my mom, has always done quite the opposite. It sounds cliche but since I can remember, she has been telling me “You can be anything I want to be.” Honest to God, that is why I have never, ever been afraid of chasing my dreams. I have never second guessed my ambitions and I have never been afraid to share them with her.

Sometimes when you share your dreams or ideas with people, they try and sound reassuring but often you can read the doubt in their eyes.. You get the, “yeahhhh, that sounds like a lot of work.” And you know they don’t think you can do it. I think this kind of leads to us burying our dreams in the security of our own understanding, keeping them to ourselves and never acting upon them.

I must admit, I have called my mom a lot over the past four years talking her ear off with some ambitious idea. She always laughed and said, “You go little mama!” or “Go for it!” She never, ever, made me feel like I couldn’t obtain something.

I truly cherish having someone support me to no end. And so when I say I owe my college success to her, I mean it. I do not think I would dream up such large goals for myself and my life if it wasn’t for her. And I can say without a doubt, if it wasn’t for my mom I would have never had the courage to fight for and found my student organization for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, apply for being a Residential Assistant, apply for the MAW corporate internship and so much more.

She’s understood me, accepted me and backed me 100 percent of the time. Often she will belittle herself and say things about not having a successful life or accomplishments, but I beg to differ. The type of mother she has managed to be is one of the accomplishments many mothers around the world lack and long for every single day.

I couldn’t ask for anymore and pray to God I am half the mother she was to me.

Thanks momma. I love you more.

This post was inspired by this AWESOME P&G Commercial:

NO, I’m NOT going to grad school.


For such a long time, I had planned to attend graduate school before I even started my undergraduate career. Not going was never an option. So, I guess I can’t get too mad when people gasp at the fact that I’m not going to graduate school. But where I draw the line is when they belittle me. “Yeah, you can take time off but most people don’t go back to earn their Masters” or I get “Well there’s nothing wrong with working then applying”…. Who said I was applying at all?

Quite frankly, I do not know if I ever plan to earn my Masters and that is OKAY, people!

When it came to applying this past fall, suddenly, something in my heart changed my mind. After suffering a pretty nasty encounter this past fall, I began to really consider what I wanted… not what was expected of me.

After many tears and turmoil, I trashed every single grad school application that was staring at me on my desk. My heart sank a little, but I knew it was the right thing to do. You see, after long self-evaluation, I realized I was going for mainly the security of the situation. I could have easily applied to WVU and double-dipped my college career. A large part of me thought I wanted that. But I wanted it  for the wrong reasons: it was the easy thing to do. I could spend two more years here in Morgantown around friends and family and have it pretty made. But all I was really doing was putting off the challenge of finding a job.

I guess I am actually pretty proud of myself. I decided to test myself. I know I am ready for change and I’m ready to experiment with my limits. I do not have anything lined up in May when I graduate, but I keep reminding myself it is going to be okay. I know this is what I am meant to do. This is something that needs to happen for my personal growth. A risk very much worth taking.


Soulmate Best Friends

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It is going to be hard not to cry writing this post. I believe God puts people in your life for a reason and this is no exception.

Four years ago.. As a freshman at WVU I walked into the dorm bathroom to see a blond girl wiping away tears. I knew her from passing her in the hall, but had never spoke to her..You should know I am an empathetic person, so naturally my heart sank as I looked at her puffy eyes and asked if she was okay.

“Yeah I’m fine, just a boy….” she said.

Immediately, I replied, “Girl, I totally understand.” We laughed a little and then parted ways. Unknown to both of us, that was the start of an incomparable friendship.

Mallory and I slowly became friends throughout fall semester, but Spring is when we really bonded. Come to find out, we could really relate to each other in terms of the relationships we were “in”. They were far too freakishly similar. This became the foundation of our bond.

As time has passed over the course the past four years, it has become more and more understandable to why God brought us together. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of great friends and love and appreciate each and every one of you. But Mallory and I have undergone so many similar circumstances.

Mallory’s baby sis was diagnosed with Leukemia sophomore year.. Of course I was there for her in any way I possibly could be trying to understand. Junior year, my brother was in a very serious accident. In no way am I comparing our sibling’s battles, but if it was not having Mallory’s understanding, I am not sure how I would have survived. We could relate on the level of watching our parents stress and having to watch our siblings fight for health and not be able to do a single thing. If anyone understood that situation it was her.

Whether it has been a broken heart, my bad luck in fall 2012, a bad decision or mistake, a letdown, sharing the grief of God calling home a close friend, stress at home or at school, or just plain old failing at something.. Mal has been able to understand and withheld every single ounce of judgement. That’s rare and I value every second of that.

We haven’t just related on levels of hurt. No one is actually as silly as I am… except Mal. If I want to Zumba, sing off-key, dance my butt off in her living room, need a good cry, need someone to share a bottle of wine with.. that girl doesn’t hesitate cause more than likely.. she is in the EXACT same mood.

From crying together for the first time watching Phantom of the Opera to accidentally matching constantly for the past four years to imitating Magic Mike in the kitchen.. we have been there, done that.

I just want to say thanks, Mal… for everything. You’ve never hesitated to drop everything and it means the world to me. I thank God for bringing us together in the bathroom over tears. We’ve come so far. Here’s to the rest of our lives… I love you ❤