What is Pretty?

Beyonce has started a social media campaign asking her fans to answer “What is pretty?” Three words that I have taken some time to whole-heartedly consider. At first I thought about the media’s definition of a female being pretty: tall, thin, polished, most likely blonde, blue eyes, and fit. A cookie cutter definition of beautiful that almost all of us do not fit, but for years have been trying to reshape ourselves into. Look at it this way, picture each woman as a cookie (bear with me). All different shape, sizes, flavors, and each with their own uniqueness. And then there is what we are to believe is pretty: a triangle shaped cookie (yawn). Simple, yet perfectly shaped.  First of all how often do you actually see a triangle shaped cookie? And a perfect one at that? Exactly. It’s rare, just like the media’s definition of beautiful.

So what is pretty by my own definition? I can’t even begin to confine the definition of pretty to looks, personality, or even talents. We are all crazy different and each so beautiful. To me, pretty is living your own life. Pretty is traveling to all the places your heart is yearning to feel, touch, and absorb. Pretty is being able to look into the eyes of the hurt and blessing them throughout your own journey. Pretty is having the patience to reach into your own heart and brain to dig for your dreams and then to have the courage to make them reality. To me, pretty is a free spirit.

Because at the end of the day I don’t care what color you are, what fad diet your trying, when your last blowout was, how much weight you’ve lost, what your size is, how tall you are. No, I want to know if you are living, laughing, traveling, blessing, digging, striving, fighting, loving, eating, praying, and so much more.

Pretty isn’t an adjective. It’s a verb.

I hope each of my lady readers doesn’t just feel beautiful today, I hope you know that YOU are beautiful.

Now go eat a cookie! It’s been a long week. 😉


PS Go check out Beyonce’s campaign and other awesome answers on whatispretty.com.