From Mountaineer to Michigander: What two years in the “mitten” has taught me


Has it really been two years since I uprooted myself from West Virginia and replanted in Michigan? I feel like I just got here. But maybe that’s just because it took me so long to get settled. Regardless, if there is one thing I’ve learned about life these past two years it’s this:

Making the wrong decision teaches you exactly who you want to be.

I am going to be raw and real honest for a second. I probably should not have moved to Michigan. It took me a year and a phone call with my mom at 2 AM to realize this. A phone call that ended in tears (just like the many that preceded it). I was angry and wanted to pick up and move home to West Virginia and just start over. When I realized I hadn’t made the “winning” decision for my future, I knew I could either accept my loss or I could learn from it.

With God’s help, I chose to stay in Michigan and learn.

The past two year’s I have learned that happiness has to start with yourself and can only be enhanced by (not dependent on) others. I have learned that my mom was right, “this too shall pass”. I’ve learned that home doesn’t always have to be a place. I’ve learned that my religion is Jesus. I’ve learned that sometimes the only person you need to forgive is yourself. I’ve learned that people with the most “stuff” are often the poorest. I’ve learned that beauty isn’t found in a bare minerals box. I’ve learned that investing in people is worth it. I’ve learned only doers make mistakes. I’ve learned that I can keep going, long after I think I can’t. I’ve learned when I really, really want to make a change, I can. I’ve learned the only person who will ever hold me back is myself. Most importantly, I’ve learned there is still so much for me to learn.

Thank you, Michigan. You’re not too shabby.