My Mission Trip to Haiti

by toushae

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. – John 15:12


Photo by Kristina Graham

Growing up, I’ve had a fire in my soul for changing the world. The older I’ve gotten, experience and God’s word has taught me a very important thing: I will never be able change the world, Jesus will do that — but I can change the world for one. So I’ll keep stopping and loving one person as a time, because this is my call at a Christian.

In October I’ll serve as the hands and feet of Jesus as I travel to the mountains of southeast Haiti with a group of people from my church (242 Community Church) and the organization, Raincatchers. With them, I’ll build simple, sustainable rainwater collection systems called Raincatchers.

A Raincatcher is a gutter made from plastic pipe, some tin to divert the water, and a sediment filter.  It will catch about a liter of water a minute. This will ultimately save the Haitians from having to walk 5-10 miles a day to get water.

But most importantly, not only will this help the people physically but more importantly, spiritually. While we are there installing these rain catchers we will tell the people why we are doing it and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

This is a wonderful opportunity; but, of course it is not easy and it is not free. With plane tickets, food and transportation, the cost becomes more than I can afford. That is why I created my gofundme account and ask that you consider a donation to help support me in helping these thirsty people.

I also ask you to commit the team and me to prayer while we are on this mission trip.

I am so excited for this mission trip and know God will open my heart to so much while I’m there. I literally cannot wait to spend my week in service to these Haitians.

Many thanks and God bless.