Just Keep Moving

by toushae

I have something on my heart I just have to share. Y’all know I only post on here when I actually have something to say and this time is no different.

I went for my run tonight and started off on a slower pace knowing I was running long distance. As I was jogging and cars went zooming by, I thought about how many people probably thought “dang that girl is going slow”. Maybe no one did, I don’t know. Regardless,ย I got to thinking about how if someone did think I was running slow, they had no idea how far I actually had to pace myself to go, nor how far I’d already run.

“You have no idea how far I have to go or how far I’ve already gone,” I thought.

Wow. As I kept running I started to think about how that applies to other aspects of life. So often, we judge people from afar without knowing how far they have to go or even how far they have already come.

So here’s my words for everyone out there “running”. Whether you’re just starting your run and pacing yourself, are halfway there, or reached the finish line and getting ready to start the next run — stay strong and determined. Do not let the judgement of others affect your pace. When your body starts to exhaust, keep going. When you feel like you can’t go one more step, keep going. Even if you have to walk, keep going. And most importantly, do not forget that some runs are going to be better than others, but it does not matter so long a you just keep moving forward. You are capable of so much more than you believe. Mind over matter, y’all. Mind over matter.