Feelin’ 22

Ever since I can remember my mom has made birthdays a big deal. She use to sneak into my room and decorate it every eve of my birthday. Each year, I woke up to balloons, crazy signs, funny pictures and streamers. I think I looked forward to this more than gifts on my birthday. I swear, I would always have ‘nightmares’ that my parents forgot to do it. My dad even decorated my dorm room door sophomore year of college (the first year I wasn’t home for my birthday). Anyways, I really appreciate my mom making sure I enjoyed each birthday. As I have grown older, I’ve noticed how negative birthdays become for adults. It is something I hope I totally avoid in my lifetime. I wanted to be all dumpy this birthday, considering I was 22 and there wasn’t much to look forward to past 21… but my boyfriend and I decided to tackle the task of accomplishing 22 things before the end of the day. Check out my list. I hope it inspires you to try and do ‘x’ number of things on your next birthday. You will note how simple my list is. It isn’t extravagant and doesn’t include lots of money, but instead includes spending the day out and about with the person I cherish most. Birthdays can and always will be fun for me. There are too many people out there not sure if they will live to see their next birthday not to appreciate and enjoy turning another year older! They are a great, great thing. 

My 22 Birthday:

  1. Visited the mall and hit up my favorite store (JCREW)
  2. Got Crepes from a new spot in Ann Arbor… SO NOMMMM!
  3. Went to Zingerman’s for a coffee discount. Plain latte was perfect of course.
  4. Visited a gift boutique in downtown Ann Arbor. So stinkin’ cute.
  5. Got my free scoop of ice cream in Ben & Jerry’s. Cookie Dough, my favvvvvv.
  6. Went to the M Den and got running shorts I’ve been wanting. BOOM! GO BLUE!
  7. Went to another favorite boutique of mine, Pitaya. Didn’t find anything this time, darn.
  8. Visited the Ann Arbor Graffiti wall. So artsy. I loved the vibe.
  9. Spun the M Cube. Well Jaron did and I watched.
  10. Got free Gelato. Salted Caramel and German Chocolate. Heavenly….
  11. Went to yet another favorite boutique full of Michael Khors, TOMS, and trendy stuff.
  12. Kissed under the infamous Michigan Archway (apparently if you do that you’re destined for marriage or something like that. let’s hope ;))
  13. Went to the Zingerman’s bake house. The people were so sweet!
  14. Got two Zingerman’s cupcakes and scored a free loaf of bread cause it was my day. Jaron was pumped!
  15. Visited the Zingerman’s creamery. (Ew, smelt sooo cheesey. Barf)
  16. Went to Party City and got birthday balloons. They included two number twos (22) and an “Over the Hill” one. 😛
  17. Bought a bunch of candy from party city. This was Jaron’s treat for the day.
  18. Got Pizza House for dinner. My favorite Pizza place in Ann Arbor.

Okay… so we only got 18 things in, but by that time the sun was setting and I had an AWESOME day! Maybe it is my elderly age, but I was EXHAUSTED by the end of this. Plus the Michigan win at the end of the day makes up for the missing four 😉

Enjoy some photos from my day below!. I totally recommend trying this on your next birthday. Be sure to check your local restaurants. A ton of places give away free stuff, discounts, etc on your birthday with proof of ID! I LOVE FREE!