Sales You Don’t Want to Miss this Weekend


It’s that time of year ladies, summer sales! Finally, those pretty clothes and accessories we’ve been eyeing on shelves since March are marked down. There are so many summer sales happening this weekend and next that I just had to organize them all and share! Enjoy!

1. Old Navy $1 Flip Flop Day (YAAAS)

20140621_onus_fft_min_02One dollar flip flop day? Uhm, yes please! It’s in stores only, but  while you’re there be sure and check out their $2 tanks, $4 kids tees, and $8 shorts! I also spotted some dresses for as low as $8 online. What a score!




2. JCREW Factory 40-60% off everything! 


If you’re anything like me, you love JCREW but hate their prices. This past year, I really started shopping at their factory outlet, where I often find the same/similar items from their regular store for half the price! And then, they run these amazing sales like the one that is happening now! Not too mention, on the weekend of every major holiday, you can expect to save 50% off everything (in stores only). So, next weekend for the 4th, you can expect everything to be marked down at 50% off. For my WV girls, there is a factory store at the Tanger Outlets in Pittsburgh.

3. Target $6 Tanks & Tees

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.15.17 AMLast night I made a “quick” trip to Target. I was shocked to see all their tanks and tees marked down to just $6. Not too mention, all their clothes, shoes, and bathing suits are BOGO 50%. Heck yes! I also noted that they added a bunch of new goodies to the clearance rack! 🙂




4. Urban Outfitters up to 70% off 

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.21.54 AMI really do love me some Urban Outfitters, especially when they are having a sale! They just added a bunch of dresses, rompers, shorts, tops, and accessories to their clearance rack. I LOVE this cute summer tote, now only $30. This sale is online too!





5. Anthropologie Summer Tag Sale 

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.25.04 AMOkay, so don’t get me wrong, I love Anthro for their clothes.. but for some reason, I am such a sucker for their house and home items. Right now they are featuring their 50% summer tag sale! Go snag you some high quality home decor for a low price!





6. ALL American Eagle Shorts under $25 

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.29.08 AMYep, that’s right.. every single pair of American Eagle shorts are under $25 dollars this weekend (includes some of their cute overalls too). This sale is rare and a bargain for sure! Be sure and grab a pair before they are gone!




7. H&M up to 70% off 

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.32.51 AM

Oh hello bathing suit pieces for only $4. Yep, you read that right! I know H&M prices aren’t typically too high on the regular, but for some reason when I see $20 for a bikini top, I’m hesitant to buy it. But $4? SOLD! Accessories, tops, bottoms, and dresses are also up to 70% too!




8. Aerie’s Semi Annual Sale

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.36.35 AM

I am sure you all knew about VS’s Semi Annual Sale, but did you know that Aerie is having one too? When visiting A&E for their shorts sale, be sure and pick up a typically expensive bra and pantie set for as low as $10! 🙂



And there you have it ladies. Eight stores your wallet can afford to hit up this weekend! Happy shopping, fashionistas! 🙂




Our backup plan is God’s original plan

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 4.39.39 PM

2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. 6 But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7 That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. 8 Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.
James 1:2-8

Sometimes we lose sight of our dreams, ya know? We forget God is in control, get a bad attitude, or just plain get down on ourselves.

As I have continued to chase my dreams and try and understand God’s plan, I’ve easily forgotten how much my past and losing Myles to cancer has continued to propel me forward. I always get these sweet messages from people who tell me I have inspired them to chase their own dreams. Those are my favorite messages to get.

Recently, I got this one:

“I wanted to tell you that the things you’ve written about Myles are honestly heart warming and mean a lot to me.. He’s my cousin and I always spent every other weekend at my grandma’s with him. He always talked about you! Every time after church he’d say something sweet about you too.”

My heart stopped a little. It was like a message sent straight from Heaven. It was something I never knew about Myles and it just gave me these positive vibes and memories to help me keep pushing forward for him. It was almost like a reminder that he’s still sitting there with God watching and cheering me on.

I know her message was little, but it was what I needed to see that God is still in control. And even more so, it brought me back to my past, to where it all started, and reminded me of my original life motto..”Live life for the ones who don’t get the chance.”

Don’t ever forget..our backup plan is God’s original plan.


Almost Heaven, West Virginia

ImageIt is so hard to grasp that my time as a Mountaineer has come to an end. Even a week after graduation, part of me still believes I will be headed back there in the fall. It is heart breaking when I really think about it. There is no other photo that better sums up my time at WVU than the one above. The image captures my happiness from doing what I love and the quote makes the connection with Make-A-Wish. I couldn’t be happier with how my graduation weekend and party went. It was surreal, but it was a blast. There are so many thank yous that need to be said. I could not have had the greatest four years to date without the generosity from my friends, family, and my Christian family as well. So thank you to each of you. I am blessed beyond words. Below are some photos from my weekend.

Once a Mountaineer, Always a Mountaineer.

NO, I’m NOT going to grad school.


For such a long time, I had planned to attend graduate school before I even started my undergraduate career. Not going was never an option. So, I guess I can’t get too mad when people gasp at the fact that I’m not going to graduate school. But where I draw the line is when they belittle me. “Yeah, you can take time off but most people don’t go back to earn their Masters” or I get “Well there’s nothing wrong with working then applying”…. Who said I was applying at all?

Quite frankly, I do not know if I ever plan to earn my Masters and that is OKAY, people!

When it came to applying this past fall, suddenly, something in my heart changed my mind. After suffering a pretty nasty encounter this past fall, I began to really consider what I wanted… not what was expected of me.

After many tears and turmoil, I trashed every single grad school application that was staring at me on my desk. My heart sank a little, but I knew it was the right thing to do. You see, after long self-evaluation, I realized I was going for mainly the security of the situation. I could have easily applied to WVU and double-dipped my college career. A large part of me thought I wanted that. But I wanted it  for the wrong reasons: it was the easy thing to do. I could spend two more years here in Morgantown around friends and family and have it pretty made. But all I was really doing was putting off the challenge of finding a job.

I guess I am actually pretty proud of myself. I decided to test myself. I know I am ready for change and I’m ready to experiment with my limits. I do not have anything lined up in May when I graduate, but I keep reminding myself it is going to be okay. I know this is what I am meant to do. This is something that needs to happen for my personal growth. A risk very much worth taking.


Do your social media sites mirror your true self?

shae and chel

It is a complicated to try and comprehend what is permissible vs what is unacceptable on social media. In the age of trying find a career in a cold, jobless economy just how much is too much on social media? By untagging that photo of ourselves holding that red solo cup, are we hiding ourselves from employers and creating an image of what we want to be/what we are suppose to be in society’s eyes? Are we just causing more problems for ourselves later when the rust of imperfection starts to appear on the edges of our silver personalities? What employer actually believes that the 20-something they are about to hire never had a little too much at that tailgate? Is about proving we can be professional or is that we are putting on a mask? Or is it moreso about showing that we have had our fun and matured? Of course I understand that this should be applied the context of the situation and the personality of the person. It is easy for me, as someone who isn’t the biggest partier and rarely has to untag photos, to ask these kind of questions.

I don’t have the answer and of course no one really does, but if I can rationalize one thing about social media, it’s this:

For my generation, social media has been an outlet to help us express and identify ourselves leaving behind a cyber footprint. Ultimately, it satisfies what any human sets out to do; to leave something behind. Our legacy may be full of shameful photos on a Friday night, vulgar language and sexual innuendos but it is also alive with memories of love, travel, success, happiness and who we were at a certain moment in time. Social media has marked a turning point in society, in which my generation has given true perception to the 20s and ultimately life, dissolving the sugar-coated definition of who we ought to be and embracing the fact that “we all are a little mad here”, uniting us in the idea that crazy isn’t as unique as previous generations have proclaimed..

This blog post was provoked by an assignment of my social media class. I’m interested to see how my opinion changes as the course progresses.


A Thank You Letter for a Stranger

Dear stranger from afar,

Today was one of those days where I let my stress affect both my mood and attitude. I stayed late after work to try to get as much done as I could. As I left the building to make my way to the bus stop, I noticed you dressed nicely sitting at a near by bench. I also noticed your heavy stares.

Previously annoyed and frustrated, I clenched my jaw and tried to ignore you as I walked by… but you still stared. I looked over and attempted to make eye contact with you, to let you know that I KNEW you were staring at me. Our eyes didn’t meet when I attempted to acknowledge you. Instead, I noticed you focusing on my pants and shoes (well so I thought). Selfishly, I thought, “ugh, maybe she just likes my outfit..”

As I walked away, we did eventually make startled eye contact. You shifted a little when you noticed I had been watching you stare at me. I faked a smile and carried myself onward to the bus stop.

Now it was my turn to stare at you. I admired your hair and outfit from a far. You were so put together. As I was still bothered by your stares, my mind began to ponder if I looked okay or if I had something on me. As I began to turn away and try to ignore what just happened, I noticed a nice car pull up. It was your ride.

As I saw you stand up, I gasped. I became teary eyed and my throat began to tighten.

Through blurry eyes, as I watched you stand, I understood what you were staring at.

When you stood up at the car’s arrival, both of your feet turned drastically inward. With an extreme limp, you slowly made you way to the car.

As you struggled to get yourself in the front seat, I let the tears fall. You weren’t staring at my outfit, judging me. You were staring at my two normal legs.

I know God put you in my path this evening. I needed to run into you to be reminded that although today was rough, it was a temporary mood, not a permanent life-altering thing.

I know I will probably never see you again, but this is the best way I can think of saying thanks, in hoping maybe one day, you will see it. You have no idea how much you changed my attitude this evening.

I wish I could go back, sit down and have a long conversation together. Not about your situation or struggles, but just a normal, entertaining conversation. At the end of it, I’d thank you. I’d tell you how beautiful I thought you were as I admired you from afar.

And I’d tell you that tonight, as I lay down to fall asleep, I’ll be saying a prayer for you, your circumstances, and a healthy future ahead.

Thank you for being you.