Valentine’s 2♡15

by toushae


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My heart is so happy I could explode. I have had a crazy, unexpectedly good week. So good that I prioritized writing about it right now over food (and we all know how food trumps all in my life). Before you ask, nothing monumental happened, just little blessings from God all week long.

They piled up and as I reflected on my week during my car ride home this morning, I started to think about Valentines Day and its significance. I love Valentines Day. I love heart shaped things, red is my favorite color, and my dad always makes for the BEST Valentine. I have tried to deny it because it feels wrong for a single woman to love this “holiday”, but I’m laying my cards ( a stack of hearts, hahah see what I did there?) on the table. I am sorry y’all, but I still LOVE VALENTINES DAY.

This year is different though. I’ve always taken this day and thought about how it represented how much someone else loved me. Usually my dad (thanks for always coming through dad) or a boyfriend if I have one, but this year it is all about self-love. No seriously. I know that’s cliche, but when I was reflecting, I realized that I have never had as much self-love as I do for myself right now. I got teary-eyed thinking about the journey to being this content with my life: all the people that helped and all that God touched to make it work.

I am blessed beyond measure. I am a woman of self-love, friendship, family, and God and those are some of the best Valentines a girl could EVER ask for.

Happy Valentines Day, loves.