A 22-year-old Ballerina?

by toushae


I’ve always promised myself I wouldn’t be one of those people who lived a life of “what-ifs”. That promise is easy to make and hard to follow through with, especially the older I get.

I am all about chasing your dreams, shooting for the stars, trying new things.. you know all that cliché stuff we always say and never follow-up with (I’m not pointing fingers, I’m guilty too).

I’ve been trying to make an honest effort to be someone who practices what they preach and so, most recently I took on the challenge of trying something I have always wanted to do since high school: ballet.

First of all, I completely skipped out on the first day of class. I made an excuse ’cause I’m a pansy, duh. Even with my boyfriend pushing, I stubbornly put the first week of class off.

Second week rolls around and I convinced myself to give it a shot. Okay, fine, my boyfriend made me go. So, I put on some shorts, a tshirt, and made myself head to the dance studio. I didn’t have ballet shoes, tights, or anything. I thought for sure I was going to get kicked out!

I walked into the dance studio to see little girls in tutus, tights, and cute little ballet shoes. I sat on the bench and watched middle school and high school girls prance around confidently in their little outfits as I began to wish I wore a larger t-shirt.

And then, it was my turn to dance. I went into the studio with three other girls around my age and met my instructor, John. I started out so nervous. John came over to me at one point and said breathe. I ended up laughing at myself. Why was I so nervous? At that moment I began to relax and I realized the other girls in the class weren’t taking themselves seriously at all. My first class ended with movement across the floor and a room full of laughter. I walked away from the dance floor, but wanted to stay and play longer. My instructor was hilarious and so were my new dance friends!

I am in my sixth week of classes and I am hooked! I have made awesome new friends and am rather proud of myself.

I guess my point is you’re never too old to try something new. Don’t miss out! Life is too unpredictable to keep putting off your bucket list. Act now.