Goodbye Summer!

by toushae

Fall. I am so happy to see September finally here. This month brings football, changing leaves, cooler temperatures, and lots of pumpkin spice coffee! Yum! More importantly, September means the end of summer. This summer wasn’t quite what I expected. I spent most of it unemployed and confused. Even though this summer was rather dreadful, I can say I don’t have ill-feelings toward it.

Through all the job applications, tears, self-pity, stress, doubt, and anger.. I was actually learning about myself. I haven’t been that emotionally and spiritually challenged in so long. I won’t bore you with all my personal lessons, but know that God has a reason for every situation we have to face.

This summer was intense, but worth it. I feel like I am right where God wants me to be. It is so funny because we try and take matters into our own hands. I thought for sure that I’d end up working at Make-A-Wish here in Michigan. I wasn’t really even open to considering anywhere else. I think God laughed at me for this one. While I did enjoy my time spent at the Michigan chapter (I met so many awesome people), I quickly learned this wasn’t what God wanted for me here in Michigan.

There are two things I prayed for when I got to Michigan: a church and a job. I asked God to put me where he wanted, not where I wanted to be. Even if that meant me having to move and Jaron and I do long distance. I applied for jobs all over the country this summer. For some reason, none of them worked out…even the one position I was a top candidate for in Pittsburgh. They took their offer off of the table because they blatantly told me they didn’t think it was where I belonged. Although it hurt my feelings at the time, now, looking back, that was God’s way of saying, “No Shae, not this one….” I was so frustrated and shaken to my core when this organization removed their offer..

About a month later, I finally understood. God provided me with an answer to my first prayer towards the middle of July. I finally found a home church in Ann Arbor. I fell in love with it. The people were amazing, the service was sincere, and it was smaller… absolutely everything I wanted. The same week I found this church and attended my first service, I got a call for a job interview at the University of Michigan for a job I really wanted. Within the month, I received a job offer for a mid-level position at UM which I now hold. GOD IS SO GOOD!

Things aren’t perfect, but I truly believe I was put in Ann Arbor to walk a whole new path. I’m not sure what my new purpose is and I am struggling transitioning from college into the work force, but I have faith I’m headed in the right direction. I’m so happy and blessed to finally feel at home here in Ann Arbor. I’m ecstatic to be spending my first fall in Michigan (and at lots of UM games and tailgates)! Here’s to an awesome fall!