Looking for an internship? How about one that pays?

by toushae

72796_3195217691221_1596870316_nIt is so no secret that I absolutely love the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This past summer I landed my dream internship, moved from West Virginia to Phoenix, Arizona and got paid to do communications for my favorite non-profit organization!

Going into this opportunity, I was terrified I would have a new outlook on the organization after working at the corporate level..Well, interning at the National Office didn’t let me down. It blew away all expectations. From the start, everyone was so welcoming. Myself and the other interns were greeted the with Make-A-Wish folders, pens, name tags, etc. We were served breakfast and met the CEO in the first hour.. I was a little shocked. When I thought about an internship at this level, I feared standing over a copier all day. Heh, was I wrong! You even get your own desk.. I know right? When you intern at Make-A-Wish America, you are treated as part of the staff. You’re included in meetings and invited to add your input quite often. I was never hushed over an idea, instead I was encouraged to contribute as much as I possibly could. Aside from that, I got to work with what I consider some of the most talented people in the industry. My experience was completely hands on. I did a ton of writing, promoting and got to help plan a wish event that happened in the office. My favorite project from the summer was getting to help create and compile information on the 52 wish kids attending the Olympic Games in London that was used to pitch to NBC media affiliates. What I gained from my internship experience is greater than anything I have learned in my four years within the walls of any classroom.

Not to mention, I have made life-long friends with the other interns. I connected with people from all over the country who I still keep in contact with.. almost daily! Together, we enjoyed the summer in Arizona dining, swimming, hiking, shopping and even made a weekend road trip to California.

Here we are in Beverly Hills :)

Here we are in Beverly Hills πŸ™‚

I went in with idea that I wouldn’t get the chance to help out too much and ended up leaving with a loaded portfolio. I could go on and on.. and if you are a friend or family, you know I typically do go on and on about it.. Note, I interviewed with the Boston BruinsΒ and MTV for internship experiences.. I can almost guarantee, I would not have near the experience if I would have taken an opportunity there (not to diss them)..

If I could do last summer all over again, I would.. in a heartbeat.

If you’re searching for an internship opportunity.. that pays with money and experience, I recommend Make-A-Wish America. Apply here.

Good Luck!