Do your social media sites mirror your true self?

by toushae

shae and chel

It is a complicated to try and comprehend what is permissible vs what is unacceptable on social media. In the age of trying find a career in a cold, jobless economy just how much is too much on social media? By untagging that photo of ourselves holding that red solo cup, are we hiding ourselves from employers and creating an image of what we want to be/what we are suppose to be in society’s eyes? Are we just causing more problems for ourselves later when the rust of imperfection starts to appear on the edges of our silver personalities? What employer actually believes that the 20-something they are about to hire never had a little too much at that tailgate? Is about proving we can be professional or is that we are putting on a mask? Or is it moreso about showing that we have had our fun and matured? Of course I understand that this should be applied the context of the situation and the personality of the person. It is easy for me, as someone who isn’t the biggest partier and rarely has to untag photos, to ask these kind of questions.

I don’t have the answer and of course no one really does, but if I can rationalize one thing about social media, it’s this:

For my generation, social media has been an outlet to help us express and identify ourselves leaving behind a cyber footprint. Ultimately, it satisfies what any human sets out to do; to leave something behind. Our legacy may be full of shameful photos on a Friday night, vulgar language and sexual innuendos but it is also alive with memories of love, travel, success, happiness and who we were at a certain moment in time. Social media has marked a turning point in society, in which my generation has given true perception to the 20s and ultimately life, dissolving the sugar-coated definition of who we ought to be and embracing the fact that “we all are a little mad here”, uniting us in the idea that crazy isn’t as unique as previous generations have proclaimed..

This blog post was provoked by an assignment of my social media class. I’m interested to see how my opinion changes as the course progresses.