Let Go; Let God

by toushae

Today I got to spend a short amount of time at one of my favorite spots in Morgantown. Typically I head over here to blow off some steam. Today, however, I sat here and thought about the next year of my life.

This next year is so uncertain. Typically, uncertainty and not having a plan scares me. Yet, as I looked over Morgantown, I realized I never really had a plan. I knew what I wanted to do, where I wanted to direct my energy, time and efforts.. but I never had a plan. I essentially let go and let God.

I teared up this afternoon as I realized how much God guided me the past three years of my college career. He helped me recognize moments of opportunity and seize them, endlessly making a way.

This next year is uncertain, but it is in our uncertainty where faith is often found and strengthened.

I challenge everyone to let go and let God this year.

Wishing everyone their best school year yet!