Count your blessings, not your burdens

by toushae

Today, I met two twin brothers with life threatening medical conditions. As I watched them in their wheelchairs this morning, I began to regret my grumbles at having to climb out of bed this morning…my complaints of having to get dressed… and my dread of getting ready. I watched them with their endless smiles as their wish was granted. When I looked at their parents, I started to tear up. The whole family was so happy. You could tell it was a happiness that was present long before this wish. And although they had every right to be unhappy due to their situation, you could tell that they have long accepted it and are a content bunch. As I continued to watch the wish unfold, I realized: this is a family counts their blessings, not their burdens.

I am taking another lesson away from Make-A-Wish this afternoon. We often forget how lucky we are just to be able stand up on our own two feet every morning, to dress ourselves and get ready for work. I hope you all recall your complaints today.. Were they really that much of an encumbrance?